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Several key points of purchasing LCD

With the continuous development of social development and high-tech, more and more products are tending to intelligent systems, and LCD screens are also suffering from many customers. How to purchase LCD screens?
Because the application fields are different, they must have different functions. For example, the LCD screen commonly used outdoors must have high brightness. In this way, we need to consider its brightness when we purchase LCD screens; The LCD screen produced by Xunrui Optoelectronics is higher than the ordinary LCD screen. The ordinary LCD screen is not easy to recognize the image under strong light, and it can show good viewing visual effect under strong natural environment sunlight.


High contrast should also be considered when purchasing LCD; The liquid crystal screen produced by Xunrui Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. uses electronic optical binding technology, selects electronic optical glue to cater, improves the utilization rate of backlight luster, and enhances the chromaticity of LCM, which can reasonably reduce the total reflectivity and enhance the saturation of display information folklore.
When purchasing LCD, screen resolution and sensitivity shall also be considered; The LCD screen produced by Xunrui Optoelectronics is applicable to multi-point touch, with fast response, detailed, clear, real and colorful display information, and high and sensitive screen resolution.
The service life of LCD should also be considered when purchasing; The LCD screen produced by Xunrui Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has the functions of high and low temperature resistance test, moisture-proof, fall proof and earthquake resistance.