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What are the requirements for LCD size? How to select?


Nowadays, there are various sizes of LCD in the market. When choosing the screen size, do you know how to calculate its size? What size fits your needs? Let's talk about it!


LCD screen size refers to the diagonal distance of the screen. The "inch" used is actually "inch" (in), which is not our usual inch, 1in=2.54cm. Therefore, the size of the LCD screen is usually measured by the length of the diagonal. For example, for a 17 inch screen, the diagonal is 17 inches, which is about 43.2 cm; On the other hand, if the measured diagonal distance of the screen is divided by 2.54, it is the usual number of inches.
Within the range that the human eye can bear, it is obvious that the larger the size of the LCD screen, the better, and the wider the field of vision. However, in combination with the resolution and desktop distance, under the normal desktop width environment (about 70cm), 22 inch to 24 inch wide screen products are theoretically the best size products at this stage (provided you have an ultra wide desk). However, in the living room and bedroom, the size of LCD devices in these places is not limited after the computer has integrated the functions of TV and DVD player. LCD TV and other devices are still developing towards larger size. In the final analysis, this is mainly because of different uses. In fact, the discussion of LCD screen size is only to find the most appropriate application balance point.
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