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What are the application fields of strip LCD?

Application fields of strip LCD:
1. Comprehensive train warning screen:
Comprehensive display of train arrival reminder, and multimedia system reminders such as processing technology enterprise promotional video and arrival information temperature information.
2. Taxi advertisement:
Taxi ceiling and rear seat advertisement. The traditional LED ceiling advertisement only displays 9 to 26 Chinese characters. The actual effect information of the advertisement is very limited, which greatly limits the actual effect of the taxi news media and the range of marketing promotion.


3. Bus stop sign display and advertisement:
In addition, the traditional arrival information can be displayed dynamically, and the multimedia system content, including public service advertisements and news media content, can be displayed during the whole driving process.
4. Advertising in the train trunk:
It can dynamically display the contents of the advertising plan, customize the height width ratio of the display screen according to the installation position of the car, and increase the capacity of advertising information.
5. Information board in general train body:
In addition to displaying the car information, it can display the introduction to the big cities, brand image display and detailed introduction to tourist attractions.