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What are the outstanding experiences of the 10.1-inch high-definition LCD screen?


The 7-inch industrial control LCD screen is now widely used by us, which is mainly used in some electronic products. A receiving contact is connected externally to contact the touch LCD screen to achieve the function of data control. It is also a very simple and convenient auxiliary product at present.

By using the 7-inch industrial LCD screen, it can give many products a new look, of course, it also has more appeal. When using, if the touch LCD screen is abnormal, we can check whether the drivers of some electronic products are installed normally and whether the touch screen calibration under Windows is completed. If there are minor problems, minor adjustments are required.

"Avoid dust falling into the touch LCD screen and eliminate "black spots"


In the 7-inch industrial LCD screen, there are many photoelectric groups. These light point groups form images for us and meet the imaging requirements. The tft touch lcd screen will also use the light points in each light point group above to independently display the color and brightness of the light. Each light point will have an independent transistor to control the current. If the transistor is damaged, it will not light up! To avoid these problems, we need to avoid dust falling into the touch LCD screen when using it, which can prevent "black spots"!
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